Emily to write for P*SSYFEST 2019

Emily wrote a monologue specifically for actor Kelli Lynn Harrison, for PUSSY FEST VI: You Cannot Destroy Pussyfest presented by Caps Lock Theatre. The piece was directed by Ashley Marinaccio.

PUSSYFEST VI features monologues about the body, custom-written for New York’s finest women, femme, and gender-defying actors. An exaltation of the body, this is Caps Lock’s sixth annual Pussyfest.

This year’s Pussyfest is a fundraiser for Third Wave Fund (www.thirdwavefund.org). Third Wave Fund is the only activist fund led by and for women of color, intersex, queer, and trans folks under 35 years old in the US. They ensure young women, queer, and trans youth of color have the tools and resources they need to lead powerful movements, and that they have a seat at the table within philanthropy. Third Wave supports gender justice groups from the ground up with rapid response grants, long-term funding for emerging groups, and capacity building.


January 22nd, 2019

Town Stages

221 West Broadway

New York, NY 10013