Under the Radar Festival at the Public Theater

Emily will be composing and performing BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL BUT IT AIN'T ALWAYS PRETTY by Kareem M. Lucas at the Under The Radar Festival at the Public Theater.

Monday January 8th at 6:30

Sunday January 14th at 4:30

"Sometimes the best way to deal with your biggest problem is to avoid it. Kareem M. Lucas reanimates the memory of a never-ending night—a wild rollercoaster ride through alcohol, drugs, sex, joy, loss, and self-discovery. He weaves together his past and present to interrogate our desperate need for significance, in life and after death, and mythologizes the everyday experience of a common Black man in America. Black Is Beautiful, But It Ain't Always Pretty is an epic poem about fulfilling one's purpose—if there is any—before time runs out. The clock is ticking."

INCOMING! is Under the Radar’s festival within a festival, featuring in-process works of artistic ambition by the wildly diverse artists of the Devised Theater Working Group.

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