untitled cherry orchard musical

A new musical adaptation of Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard by Emily Gardner Xu Hall (book/music/lyrics).


July 20th, Thursday at 8pm

July 21st, Friday at 5pm

July 22nd, Saturday at 8pm

July 23rd, Sunday at 5pm

Shubert Theatre, 721 Broadway, 5th floor

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Featuring: Sam Dash, Olivia Gilliatt, Emily Gardner Xu Hall, Jordan Hall, Caroline Kaplan, Joshua David Robinson, Alex Salamat, Stephen Stocking, Katherine Ella Wood. Music direction by Anna Ebbesen.



Lyuba, Anya and Varya are the protagonists of this Cherry Orchard, where the limited role of females in society has a major impact on the fate of the family. With a history of secret affairs, irresponsibility and the tragic death of a 7-yr-old boy, what can the next generation do to save the family?

We live in a multi-racial society. We live off the labour of an immigrant population. We stand in the shadow of the 2008 credit crunch. We stand in the bloody tracks of an emancipated population.

What was this country? Was it great? Is there a revolution coming for us?


Rough footage from rehearsal. "From Now On" (c) Emily Gardner Hall 2016 from "Untitled Cherry Orchard Musical"